1973 Honda CL450 Scrambler Unrestored Beauty

Vehicle Description


1973 HONDA CL450 SCRAMBLER - UNRESTORED BEAUTY!! - It looks like it did when it was only 1 year old!! My friend found it, I bought it-- and I was ready to restore it and ride it. But then, I had health problems, and I can't ride any more. I decided to clean it up & put it on this auction site. My loss is your gain!

This bike is in truly unbelievable unrestored condition. All I did was some surface cleaning and a few minor things. I did paint the battery rack, as it had some paint lifting due to acid slosh. I did convert some in-tank surface rust using the molasses & water soak-- first time I ever tried it-- and it really works!! Better still, I kept the beautiful original tank paint!!

Here are the important details-

  • NO dents - only a couple of minor marks on the tank from belt or zipper-- very minor. Side covers near perfect with original local dealer stickers. Paint is original and beautiful.
  • One flaw-- Left-hand mirror glass is broken. Doesn't look like bike went down-- looks like it got cracked in storage. The mirror and stem go with the bike-- you can get a new one cut at a glass shop--and glue it on with trim cement!!
  • Chrome is fantastic! There may be some minor pitting, but it really looks like it does in the pictures! Even the underside of the fenders looks great. Wheels are great- minor pitting only. Shock springs look like they may have been touched up with some silver paint, but these never had good OEM chrome anyway.
  • Fork seals need to be replaced-- Forks have been drained and cleaned --NEW SEALS AND FORK OIL ARE INCLUDED. 
  • Toolkit is mostly there- pliers are broken at the pivot-- I think a wrench and screwdriver blade are missing (see pic).
  • Gauges are not faded --look great!
  • Most of the original Honda info and warning stickers are there
  • The Owner's Manual is right under the seat in its original plastic cover!
  • The seat lock AND the steering lock work smooth as silk. There is only one key.
  • Electrics work INCLUDING HORN! Could use a signal blinker as one side blinks slow. NO BATTERY- Better to ship without it anyway. All lights work. Several additional used lenses from other bikes included-- with some other parts too.
  • Entire muffler and pipe system is great! NO holes or ratty areas. Some rust on rear of grating where the Japanese plating is thin, a few minor pits elsewhere-- but overall it is the best unrestored scrambler exhaust I've ever seen.
  • Carbs have been cleaned and a new Keyster KH-0116 kit has been put in each one-- including new jets. Bike starts, but needs points, plugs and float settings (runs strong-- but rich on one cylinder).
  • This is the fantastically designed DOHC 450. It is the design predecessor to all of the DOHC's that followed. It is a strong engine-- and a beautiful piece of engineering!
  • BRAND NEW HONDA OEM PETCOCK plus new fuel lines. The petcock is a big buck$ item!!
  • With limited test, clutch is good & tranny is good in all gears. Bike was last on the road regularly in 2001.
  • Seat is 100%-- no rips or holes-- HONDA imprint very good-- only very minor bubbling on underside of seat pan.
  • Front tire is OK -- rear is worn. A NEW TIRE SHIPS WITH THE BIKE-- style is same as front tire, but could be used on rear-- or trade someone for a rear style tread to make it accurate!
  • The VIN plate says 4-72, but my PA title says "1973". VIN number matches on both. Don't think this is a big deal because the VIN matches-- it could be that this was titled originally in 1973. In those days, the DMV didn't have a clue about Japanese bikes. The title IS good, though.

It's hard to believe that this bike is 30+ years old. The more I cleaned it up, the more I looked at it, the more steamed I am that I have to sell it! But-- I can't ride any more, and this bike should be ridden. Take it to the local spot where the hot rods and resto-mods gather on a Friday night-- YOU can have the fun of answering all the questions and taking all of the compliments! That's what I would have done-- YOU DO IT FOR ME!!

Of course, this bike is near show quality. A little work here and there, and it will look like new. Right now, it looks like a 1 or 2 year old bike--YES it is that good!

Shipping Notice-- You can pick up this bike in Johnstown, PA-- OR-- for a fee of $125.00, I will wrap the bike in plastic and place it in a steel bike crate, and load it into a shipper's truck. IN ADDITION TO THE $125.00 CRATE FEE, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OTHER SHIPPING FEES AND ARRANGEMENTS. BIKE MUST BE SHIPPED WITHIN 10 DAYS AFTER SALE.

Payment Notice-- Winning bidder MUST forward payment in full to me within 7 days after close of bidding. Payment must be via Paypal, or money order sent overnight by UPS, Mail or Fedex. IF YOU CANNOT PAY, DO NOT BID!!

Bidders Notice-- Please email me if you have fewer than 10 feedback responses, if you have no large purchases, if you have less than perfect feedback, OR IF YOU ARE AN OVERSEAS BIDDER. Your bid may be cancelled if you have bad or too little feedback OR IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE USA AND YOU DID NOT EMAIL ME.  

Check my excellent ratings. I describe things as they are! Ask questions and I will answer. Good Luck!!

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